Val never rushed nor pressured me. She was at all times professional, kind and even got a better price for me... even though it was less commission for her. Most generous and extremely helpful. What a pleasure.

 Mary Kallal

Val was really great to work with! Excellent service and advice. Resourceful.
John Lumsolen and Christine Dupont

Your smile, your understanding, patience, your knowledge and individual time with us! You are awesome. You always went above and beyond answering questions -- and showed us lots!
Randy Janzen, Kathleen Cross & Dale Humphries -- 3376 Marine Ave

Valerie has been very professional from the first contact we had with her. We had a lot of questions and concerns around the lease property. She was prompt to get answers and went beyond our other experiences.
 Darrell Daniel & Merna Abel

If you are a young family looking for a family home, or a senior looking for the perfect retirement package, Val is your perfect match. She is so full of zest, and has so much energy to provide the best care for her clients. From staying up all hours of the night making offers to taking care of the kids while we completed a walk through on a house, Val was amazing. Val comes with a high recommendation from us, and we hope that her name gets spread all over Powell River. Thank you Val for finding us our perfect house!!
 Darrell and Stephanie Davidson